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June 20, 2020

English Language

English language pre - requisites in Australia

  • Are the current language tests in Australia a true and accurate measure of the English required for successful study by Japanese students?
  • Japanese students having studied EIKEN, TOEIC in Japan and then taking an IELTS test for study in Australia, would be easily confused at the three different methodologies and assessing principles in each test.
  • Are these tests reflective enough of a Japanese students knowledge, skill and language ability for study in Australia?

Key English language skills for Japanese students daily life and study in Australia include:
  • Listening - distinguishing accents, feelings, moods and energy level of the speaker
  • Reading - ability to read, large amounts of printed English, for example: skimming for meaning, big picture, intention, implied meaning
  • Speaking - ability to ask questions of school staff, teachers, friends and people within the community and understand the spoken response
  • Writing - summarising, short hand, note taking and emails, assignments, reports and other formal documents.
  • Questioning, explaining, recommending and presenting


One of the biggest challenges for Japanese learners in Australia is the change in learning environment from Japan to Australia.

For example: In Japan, English language classes with a private company are usually no more than four in a class, variety of teachers, no homework, talk on a range of topics, little or no grammar or writing and short lessons of no more than forty minutes. When in the Australian classroom they quickly wonder if they ever studied English in Japan as what they learn and how they learn it is so different, a kind of language shock.

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