June 19, 2020

Japanese Customer: About Us

Japanese Customers represent one of the largest & most influential consumer groups in Asia

* Japanese customers have unique education needs

* Japanese consumer behaviour is copied & imitated throughout Asia and the world.

* Japanese customers are trendsetters in the use, design & improvement of a wide range of products & services.

* Japanese customers are discerning.

As the world becomes "flat" business is becoming more and more globalized.

To compete and flourish, business must better understand their new customers.

"Few can doubt that Asia has become one of the most exciting regions in the world."
The Economist

Our Vision:

To help you to better understand, interpret, communicate and anticipate the changing needs of your Japanese Customers.

Our Mission:

To contribute to the development, sustainability and reputation of cross-cultural marketing and be recognized and supported by the community and other stakeholders in this role.

"Insights don't just come from observing behaviour but by matching it with information, analysis, interpretation and experience".


Peter HanamiHe is the author of a number of books including, “Getting into Advertising, Marketing and Selling” the first career guide written specifically for international students , “Japanese Student Success – High School to MBA – Australia”, “Living and Teaching English in Japan”, “Buyer Behaviour of Japanese Students in Australia and New Zealand” and “First trip to Japan”.

He has written for a wide range of publications including the Australian Financial Review (Boss Magazine), he contributed to the critically acclaimed “Marketing in Australia” by Philip Kotler and has written for Australian TAFE teacher, Leader Newspapers and Japan based journals.

His recent research "Gaman - A Students Journey" is a ground breaking documentary into the four year journey of a Japanese international student studying in Australia.The documentary traces the student's life in Japan prior to study, study in Australia and return to Japan, showing how new skills are presented and sold to Japanese employers.
His research "Baby Boomers and the new Japanese student" was presented in October, 2006 at the IDP Education, International Education conference in Perth, Australia.
Recent articles include "Five steps to student integration", published by the Institute of International Education, New York USA, March 2006 and "5 things to consider when recruiting Japanese Students", published by Higher Education Information Services Trust, (HEIST), United Kingdom. March 2006 in Educational Marketing Journal.

In November 2006, he reported on the launch of Play Station 3 and also broke the story of how McDonald's Japan introduced Quick Response (QR) codes on their hamburger wrappers.
He reported the debut of facial recognition vending machines in Japan on Slashdot .
This year 2008 he detailed the new Premium coffee launch, and introduction of McBakery at McDonald's Japan and the arrival of the Nissan GT-R in Tokyo showrooms.


Motorcycle Japan: A Rider's Diary

An independent guide to riding in Japan in English
ISBN 978-09805509-0-0

ISBN 0-9580582-8-8

ISBN 0-9580582-6-1

ISBN 0-9580582-7-X

ISBN 0-9580582-9-6

Living and Teaching English in Japan
ISBN: 0-9580582 - 0- 2

ISBN 0-646-36434-0


"Five steps to student integration", published by the Institute of International Education, New York USA, March 2006"

" Five things to consider when recruiting Japanese Students", published by Higher Education Information Services Trust, (HEIST), United Kingdom. March 2006 in Educational Marketing Journal".

Lost In Translation”, published in Boss Magazine, Australian Financial Review, Fairfax Limited, Sydney, Australia, August 2004.

Why aren’t your recruiting Japanese students?, published in Australian Japan Business Co-operation Committee, Japan Bulletin, May 2004.

Why Japanese students are turning to Technical and Further Education (TAFE) in Australia”, published in the Australian TAFE Teacher magazine, Spring 2004, page, 18, Melbourne, Australia. Australian Education Union.

"Where do we begin- 10 critical factors to consider when pursuing a career in marketing”, published in Marketing and E- Commerce magazine, Niche Media.

Marketing challenges Facing Non Profit Organizations in the New Millennium” published in The Institute for Living and Co-operation Kyoto Co-op Institute, Kyoto, Japan.

Case study, “Ansett’s E - ticket”, published in Marketing in Australia, University textbook, by Philip Kotler, 4th Edition, published by Prentice Hall, New Jersey, USA.

Case Study “Service Now” in Marketing in Australia, and vignette “Have your car serviced while you sleep” by Philip Kotler, 3rd Edition, published by Prentice Hall, New Jersey, USA.

Empowering employees drives Australian transportation customer service” published in American Marketing Association, Services Marketing Today, Journal, August 1991.


Gaman - A Japanese Student's Journey studying in Australia.

The four year study of a Japanese international student in Australian tertiary education.The documentary looks at the students Life in Japan, Study in Australia and Return to Japan.

Ground breaking qualitative research on International education experiences

CD Rom includes a 26 page cultural work book

ISBN: 0- 9580582-5-3


101 insights into Japanese Culture
This consumer research project provides unique insight into key components of the Japanese customers psyche. The individual videos capture important insights into the character, motivations and culture of Japanese customers. The one hundred and one videos cover a range of important insights including food, culture, tradition, lifestyle, education, technology and travel.

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