🌸Japanese Customer : Japanese Customer: "Baby boomers and the new Asian international student"


June 20, 2020

Japanese Customer: "Baby boomers and the new Asian international student"

Photo: A Japanese student writing

“Baby Boomers &The New Asian International Student”

Presented at the Australian International Education Conference,
hosted by
IDP Education Pty Ltd, Perth, Australia.


Baby Boomers the largest and wealthiest sector of many western countries begin retiring this year. As they retire their jobs will disappear opening the way for a new breed of manager and therefore a new type of student. A student who requires a different skill set, language set and mind set. The paper focuses on Japan, a market leader in Asia and key influencer of other Asian countries. Based on the research “Recruiting Japanese Students” drawn from the groundbreaking studies of “Japanese Student Success – High School to MBA – Australia”. Buyer Behaviour Japanese Students – Australia and New Zealand and the forthcoming documentary “Gaman – a year in the life” which details the journey of a Japanese student before study , during study and her return to Japan with her new skills. We detail the changing structure of the Japanese market place and defines the new emerging student. The implications of the paper have relevance for course design, staff training, recruiting, marketing, positioning, integration and retention of Asian students.