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June 20, 2020

Japanese Customer: Kairanban - fast information to your door

News travels fast in Japan and one way it does this is via a community based circulation board known as kairanban 回覧板。What is it and how do Japanese Customers use it? It is a way of communicating important news to each neighbour in an area. Notices from the police, the local ward office, local schools, community groups can put their news and notices on a large clipboard. It is read household to household in a certain area and each neighbour after reading the messages and signing it passes it on to the next neighbour in order(that is house by house) each neighbour signs the front page after reading it by placing their hanko or seal on the front page. It is an efficient and timely way to communicate timely news to each house, it allows neighbourly interaction and allows the community to understand important local news.

Japanese Customers share information in a variety of ways, watch the video:

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