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June 20, 2020

Learning Styles

Learning Styles

Learning style in Japan

  • Are your staff aware of how Japanese students of different age, gender and background learn in Japan?
  • How are students taught at kindergarten?
  • How much homework is allocated? How much preparation is needed for a class?
  • What role does the student play in the class for each education sector?

Learning style in your country and your institution

  • For Japanese students to succeed they must be able to understand, learn and practice the learning style that will help them meet their goals.

  • All institutions should make it a priority to explain what they expect in terms of student abilities and to adequately describe the learning styles staff will use, assess and develop in students.

  • Independent thinking, negotiation skills, research skills and verbal presentation skills are very important skills in western education how will you prepare Japanese students to learn, practice, develop and use these important skills?

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