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June 20, 2020

Pixels increase in Japanese mobile phones

Japanese Customers love their mobile phones. A new phone by Sharp being promoted by Softbank the 910SH delivers users with an inbuilt camera with a 5.0 mega pixel camera. Just a few years ago 1.0 was the standard but as competition has heated up so has the drive to increase the quality of pictures taken from phones and the type of cell phone user is starting to segment further by user features. A phone now exists for high users of music, for high users of television, for high users of games, high users of cameras, etc. The market is fragmenting into a new demographic based on cell phone features and users preferences. Each provider is broadening the selection of phones and the features they provide in order to capture a wider and larger share of the market. Phones for high school students, university students, housewives, businessmen, English language learners and the elderly. The choice of phones, plans, colours, designs, accessories and features is exploding more an more. With the new year fast approaching it will be interesting to see the new models and features that will be unveiled for the start of the new financial year 2007.

Mobile phones are no longer convenient they are now essentials. A way to manage your social life, deal with the world and use your free time. They have become life tools and are being personalized to represent the varied lifestyles of users.

Photo: Camera lens in a mobile phone

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