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April 29, 2022

Japanese customers love kaki!


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In November it is common to buy and eat 柿 Kaki (persimmon) as a snack after lunch or after the evening meal. 

Many Japanese homes have a kaki tree in their backyard and at this time of year, they are bursting with ripe fruit

A mature typical tree can hold grow over 50 in a season. The fruit is washed and the outer skin scrubbed and removed by a knife. 

The remaining fruit is then cut into portions to represent how many people will be eating. 

A toothpick or small fork is given to eat the portion. 

 A cup of hot green tea is often enjoyed while eating a juicy persimmon. In season a good quality Kaki can fetch as much as 450 yen at the local fruit shop. 

An even better treat is to peel the skin, soak in sake, and then to hang them to dry in the sun, these are called hoshigaki and are exquisite to the tastebuds.

Kaki is a much-enjoyed fruit in November and all the year as dried kaki. 

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