🌸Japanese Customer : Japanese Customer Service: 🌸 The components explained


May 16, 2022

Japanese Customer Service: 🌸 The components explained

 Japanese Customer Service: 🌸 The components explained

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''Omotenashi is a unique way of providing Japanese hospitality through thoughtful acts.

Mekubari = Paying thoughtful attention to our guests, always looking for unspoken signs or signals that you may need something. (They do this by looking and awareness of the envornment)

Kikubari = Striving to selflessly anticipate your needs and address them without being asked or for any thanks in return. (They do this by thinking)

Kokorokubari = Welcoming all guests empathetically, aspiring to make every one feel they are thoughfully considered. ( They do this by feeling with their heart).''


Japan Airlines

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