October 15, 2010

Japanese customers have limited space, a moving pantry is just the thing - Video

Japanese houses are typically very small inside.Limited land and smaller block sizes translate to smaller rooms and space inside. Western furniture even though seen as a wanted item can often rarely fit into a Japanese house, where each door often has a different size.A small job like moving an American made rocking chair from one room to another can easily take hours instead of minutes as you have to disassemble the furniture to move it.(True story).Kitchens are the same. Houses built 10 years ago often have only limited bench space, 3 gas burner rings for cooking and no pantry for storing food, only a small cupboard for storing plates, glasses and crockery.

The video you are about to watch highlights the innovative nature of designers in Japan as they experiment and create new products to ease the stress of homeowners in small roomed houses.

Video: Innovative electronic Japanese pantry by Adachan

Video Source:Adachan

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