November 13, 2010

Japanese consumer study abroad international market research documentary

Gaman - A Japanese Students Four Year Journey in Australia

A holistic international education documentary


“Amazing insights into a Japanese students
“total” study experience”

Editorial Reviews

"International study is an enormous undertaking for an individual in terms of resources, language, culture & risk. This documentary reveals the four year journey of a Japanese student studying in Australia. “Gaman” is a Japanese word that means endure. reveals the students journey from beginning to end. He begins with the student’s life in Japan before study, then follows the student to Australia & the students return to Japan. A fascinating cultural documentary

Book Description:

A holistic international education profile of a Japanese students four year journey in Australia.


● Government ● Education institutions ● Third party suppliers ● Employers

Special Features:

● Holistic profile of a Japanese student’s journey – before, during & after study
● 26 page cultural marketing guide
● Unique perspectives of culture, language & experiences.

Product Details:

Title: Gaman – A Japanese Student’s Four Year Journey in Australia
E-Book: Video & 26 page booklet
Language: English
ISBN -13: 978-0-9580582-5-4

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