March 05, 2012

Japanese Customer News Monday 5th March, 2012


Japanese Customer News

Monday 5th March, 2012

Picture: Driving in Tokyo traffic, Japan

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1. Japanese customers may soon get their own casino’s in Japan

“gambling is technically illegal in Japan, the government does allow betting on bicycle, motorboat, motorcycle races and horseracing”

Source: The Australian Newspaper, Wed Feb 29th,2012, page 23

2. Japanese customers in Tokyo nearly evacuated on 3/11

“chain reaction” of plant meltdowns could have resulted in the evacuation of Tokyo, 240 kilometres to the south”

Source: Australian Financial Review, Wed Feb 29, 2012 page 16

3. How do Japanese customers use their smart phones compared to other countries users?

99% of Japanese customers use a search engine on their smart phones,
Japanese users have the highest number of apps on their phones at 42

4. Japanese customers take to car sharing as a way to reduce costs & save time

“The registration fee is ¥1,500 and rental charges start at ¥200 per 15 minutes. It offers 17 models, mostly compacts. There are no geographical restrictions on where the cars can be taken.”

Source: Japan Times

5. Japanese customers to get Ben & Jerry ice cream in Tokyo

“The brand was in Japan once before, opening in 1997 in a tie-up with 7-Eleven, but was not successful and soon pulled out of the market.”

Source: Japan Today

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