March 13, 2012

Japanese Customer News Tuesday 13th March, 2012


Japanese Customer News

Tuesday 13th March, 2012

Picture: Inside a Japanese five star hotel

Persimmons a delicious season fruit in Japan, 
enjoy them dried - hoshigaki

1. Supply security high priority for Japanese customers

“Japanese customers, who are highly concerned about supply security”

Source: Reuters

2. Japanese consumers see more and more appliances made abroad

“About a third of all Japanese electronics production is done in overseas plants of the Japanese multinationals,”

3. Japan is targeting foreign tourists to visit Japan

“(Japan) aims to achieve 18 million arrivals by 2016 according to tourism authorities”

Source: 4Hoteliers

4. Japanese customers love fish

“bluefin tuna, the highly-prized flesh used in upscale sushi, for which Japanese consumers will pay up to $10,000 for a single fish.”

5. Debris from tsunami carried out to sea

“Scientists believe ocean waves carried away 3-4 million tons of the 20 million tons of debris created by the tsunami “

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