March 20, 2012

Japanese Customer News Tuesday 20th, March 2012


Japanese Customer News

Tuesday 20th, March 2012

Picture: Maiko in Kyoto

Life as Geisha?

Book : A Geisha's Journey

1. Japanese consumers like Japanese brands?

“Japanese consumers have been known to be very loyal to its own local brands when it comes to electronics”

2. Japanese consumer sentiment in February, 2012?

“..rising unemployment and declining new job offers have also caused downward pressure on sentiment.”

3. Famous Japanese Shinkansen train series – Nozomi – retired
“The 300 series, which debuted in 1992 under the Nozomi name… top speed was 270 kilometers per hour.., meaning  Tokyo and Shin-Osaka in 150 minutes.”

Source:  Japan Today

4. Japanese customers may face power shortages this summer?

“Economy, Trade and Industry Minister Yukio Edano said Friday… Edano said the projected power shortfall is around 9.3%, Fuji reported.”

Source: Japan Today

5. Cell Phone shipments in Japan rose in 2011

“For all of 2011, shipments climbed for the second straight year, rising 5.0 percent to 37.96 million units. “

Source: Mainichi Daily News

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