March 22, 2012

News Thursday 22nd, March 2012


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Thursday 22nd, March 2012

Tokyo Realtime!

Audio guided walking tours revealing new sides to Tokyo's most interesting neighborhoods.

1. “Marusa”  - Japanese term that means a Taxation investigation

“The term “Marusa,” meaning the investigation division of Japan’s National Tax Agency, was popularized by …comedy “Marusa no Onna” (A Taxing Woman)..March 15 the deadline for filing individual income taxes”

Source:  Japan Today

2. Japanese  economy

“Japan's "lost decade" has stretched into two decades now”

Source: The Nikkei, Veritas, 

3. Statistics

“Japan was home to 70,300 gangsters at the end of 2011, the smallest figure since the Organized Crime Group Countermeasures Law took effect in 1992, the National Police Agency said...”

4. Photo:

 Picture: The Neon of the Akihabara - 
Yodobashi Electronic store in Akihabara in Tokyo

Akihabara -Is a great place to spend the day looking around if you have a free day in Tokyo. The stations , the exists are so numerous it is easy to get lost so, very important to have an English map printed and carry with you before arriving or you may waste time trying to find your way off the platform and on to the street
 Akihabara station - English Map - here

5. Burger King – Hamburger with Apple – ends today in Japan

“BK RiNGO is a Whopper Jr-sized burger sandwiching a grilled beef patty, lettuce, honey-mustard sauce, and a 7mm slice of a flame-grilled apple. "

Source: Japan Today

Note:  Many Japanese websites delete their links after 24 hours

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