April 20, 2012

News Friday 20th, April 2012


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Friday 20th, April 2012

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1. Japanese ruling party slashing the parties newspaper subscription costs

Katsuya Okada — who doubles as deputy prime minister and minister in charge of administrative reform — proudly reported on his blog Wednesday that he had managed to generate Y400 million (about $5 million) in cost savings by slashing newspaper and magazine subscriptions by government ministries.

Source: Japan Real Time, WSJ

2. Japanese students and studying abroad?

Japanese students who generally prefer to stay in their own country, many foreign students are willing to go abroad to seek a place where they can play an active role in their research. For those foreign students, Japan is just one step in this process.”

Source: Daily Yomiuri, REVITALIZING JAPAN -- Creative use of land / Nations move toward free trade in brain power, Apr 13, 2012,

3. Factory viewing tours by bus at night popular in Kawasaki

Factory nightscapes first became popular following the publication of Kojo Moe (Factory Love) in 2007. Kawasaki's waterfront houses a number of factories and over the years has reportedly been a particularly popular destination for plant viewers .”

Source: Daily Yomiuri, “All aboard for the mystical factory tour”, Mar. 25, 2012,

4. Ben & Jerry ice cream returns to Tokyo with new shop opening April 14th

On April 14, Ben & Jerry's will open its very first Scoop Shop in Japan, housed in the Omotesando Hills complex at the classier end of Tokyo's chic Harajuku shopping district…This is Ben & Jerry's second foray into Japan: Its 1997 distribution deal with 7-Eleven lasted mere months.”

Source: Japan Times

5. Samsung products in Japan

The average Japanese consumer has little notion of who Samsung is, and what it means for the future of Japan’s electronics industry. “


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