April 27, 2012

News Friday 27th, April 2012


Japanese Customer News

Friday 27th, April 2012

1. Japanese scientists grow hair on a bald mouse

Scientists in Japan ….successfully regenerated hair on a bald mouse ….within three weeks, 74% of the hair follicles implanted with the cells grew back hair. The results were published Tuesday in the online journal Nature Communications.”

2. Japanese over age of 65 reach new high of 23.3% of population and highest percentage in the world

Japan’s population last year shrank at the fastest rate since comparable records began…The number of people … dropped by a record 0.2%, or 259,000, to an estimated 127,799,000…The proportion of people over the age of 65 stood at 23.3%, an all time high and the highest percentage in the world

Source: Japan Today

3. Japanese women targeted by brewers for their impact on trends

Brewers are trying especially hard to target young Japanese women, whose disposable income has a significant impact on domestic food and drink trends.” 

Source: Japan Times

4. Selling travel to Japanese customers

“..Japanese customers, they want to know the substance of the tour. Even if the product is available on the Internet, they still want over-the-counter agents sales.”

5. Japanese language second most used language on Twitter

Japanese remains the second-most used language on Twitter after English.”

Note:  Many Japanese websites delete their links after 24 hours

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