April 02, 2012

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Japanese Customer News

Monday 2nd, April. 2012

Book: Aging Asia

"Aging Asia showcases cutting-edge, policy-relevant research. The first section focuses on demographic trends and their economic implications; the second section approaches select topics from a global comparative perspective, including social insurance financing, medical costs, and long-term care."

1. Japanese customers seeing their cuisine slowly go global

"Japanese cuisine is becoming global food,"

Source: Japan Times

2. Japan provides universal health care to Japanese customers benefit

Japan, provides universal health care. ….under which everyone in theory has access to health care and the prices of drugs and medical treatments are set by the national government.”

Source: Japan Times

3. Young Japanese women can often become addicted to fortune tellers (urunaishi)

" About 80 percent of the people who patronize uranai-shi are women, the majority in their 30s." 

Source: Yen for Living, Japan Times

4. Japanese customers and the meaning of Easter?

According to a survey by Trend Souken, awareness of what Easter is all about is highest among women. In a survey of 300 people in their 20s and 30s, 49 percent of women said they had some idea of what Easter was about, compared to just 37 percent of men.”

Source: Japan Pulse, Japan Times

5. Staff turnover in Japan?

It varies, reflecting the demographics of each country we work in. In Japan, it is lower than, say, Australia. “

Source: Japan Today

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