April 19, 2012

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Japanese Customer News

Thursday 19th, April 2012

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1. Japanese customers breathing life into Harris Tweed

Japan, snapping up around 40 percent of the exported products, has become the biggest market for Harris Tweed….In Japan, Harris Tweed is being used in everything from hats and shoes to ties, and is also being used to cover diaries and Kindles…"It's popular because of the quality: It's a luxury handwoven product. And I also think that the Japanese like the idea of provenance — you can trace your piece of tweed back to the individual weaver,".

Source: Japan Times

2. Japanese companies continue to snap up US Health Care companies

“ Health care continues to be a booming sector on the Japan-U.S. M&A corridor… Japan’s Takeda Pharmaceutical Co. said it would pay $800 million for Philadelphia-based URL Pharma Inc. in a cash deal.”

Source: Japan Real Time, WSJ

3. Tokyo court orders Apple to pay damages for overheated iPod Nano

A Tokyo judge this week ordered the Japan arm of the Cupertino, Calif. company to pay Y600,000 ($7,400) in damages to a local couple after the wife sustained burn injuries.. The music player at fault is Apple’s first-generation iPod Nano. The device overheated as it was recharging and seared the desk it was resting on and the wife’s hand.

4. Japanese toilet brush maker – explains the research behind a new brush

 The no-touch design is open at the back and holds the toilet brush suspended in midair, facilitating natural drying and thus reducing opportunities for mold and mildew growth. 

5. Recent question on Linkedin - Culture 

Question - “having a dinner meeting with …Japanese clients. Any cultural tips?”

Best Answers

1. DougB - “take their business card from them with both hands, not one

2. Litsko B – “When bowing, you're looking at the floor, not at them

Source: LinkedIn

Note:  Many Japanese websites delete their links after 24 hours

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