April 26, 2012

News Thursday 26th, April 2012


Japanese Customer News

Thursday 26th, April 2012

1. Twitter Japan looks to expand

Twitter Inc. will "aggressively" add sales staff in Japan to attract more advertisers as local user growth exceeds the company's global expansion

Source: Japan Times

2. Japanese seen to be biggest posters on Twitter

“Japan’s 29.9 million (Twitter)  accounts followed behind U.S. and Brazil — but its users are more active. ..30% of Japanese accounts posted a message during the three-month period ended November 30 compared to the global average of 27%, concludes Semiocast.”

3. Pet spending in Japan continues to grow

Spending on pets has now risen to roughly ¥138 billion ($1.6 billion), according to JPPMA… Dog products..accounting for roughly ¥89 billion in sales, followed by cat goods (¥24 billion), equipment and supplies for ornamental fish (¥17 billion) and small animals like rabbits and hamsters (¥2.8 billion). Stag beetles and bell crickets are also popular pets, and insects are a category all on their own (¥1.8 billion).”

Source: Japan Times

4. Foreign garden designer discussing Japanese clients

"They just have a resistance. They think, 'Why does this guy want to do my veranda? This is strange, it's different, I don't understand this.' " Jennings said it took him a while even to get someone to let him do his or her veranda for free.”

Source: Japan Times

5. Rice growers in Japan see new varieties appearing

Kyushu farmers have succeeded in developing rice resistant to hot weather while Hokkaido growers are coming up with tasty and chewy varieties, according to the association

Source: Japan Times

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