April 05, 2012

News Thursday 5th, April. 2012


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Thursday 5th, April. 2012

Book: Health care issues USA and Japan

"Japan spends close to the lowest percentage of its gross domestic product on health care among OECD countries, the United States spends the highest, yet life expectancies in Japan are among the world’s longest"

1. Japanese language tests prove difficult for foreigners

Japan opened the way for non-Japanese people, including Indonesians and Filipinos, to work as nurses and caregivers in 2008… last year, only 19 out of 700 Indonesian and Filipino applicants passed the exams and were allowed to stay

2. 7-11 convenience stores domestic sales in Japan growing

Seven Eleven reported in January that domestic sales would exceed 3 trillion yen ($36.9 billion) for the year ended January. That is the largest revenue figure ever for a single retail chain in Japan..”

3. Health care segment is growing in Japan

The health-care industry, called the "future of Japan," is now 74 percent female, and will increase its workforce 32 percent from 2010 to 2020.”

4. Some Japanese chose the life of a temp worker (haken)

In Japan, corporate life for permanent employees is not so easy, with long hours, long commutes. Some people like to travel and study in between temp jobs.”

5. Social Media & Gaming market in Japan in 2011?

 “Yanno Research, estimated in January that the market for social and mobile games in Japan was Y257 billion in 2011, a dramatic jump from 2008 when the market was just Y4.9 billion.”

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