April 17, 2012

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Tuesday 17th, April 2012

Book: Bank 2.0

"Web 2.0, social networking, app phones and mobility are also stretching traditional banking models to the limit."

"Brett will shock you, he will force you to think...and this book will drive you to innovate"

1. Some Japanese power companies dependant on nuclear sources of power for electricity generation

Kansai electric the Japanese utility most dependant on nuclear power at 49 per cent

Source: Japan close to nuclear restart by Tsuyoshi Inajima, Australian Financial Review Newspaper, Wednesday 11th April, 2012, page 45

2. Japanese bank launches biometric ATM

Kyoritsu Bank based in Gifu Prefecture, explains the biometric authentication technology used in the company's new ATM machine during a news conference in Nagoya on Wednesday. Customers can withdraw money simply by scanning their palms and keying in their date of birth and password, eliminating the need for cards and bank books. The bank said this will come in useful in the event of natural disasters and other emergencies.”

Source: Japan Times “ Palm Power “ – Kyodo Photo

3. Typical Japanese family will pay out 60,000yen more when consumption tax increases to 8 % in 2014

The research institute of Daiichi Life Insurance studied the matter and found that a household of four (married couple, two children) with an income of between ¥4 million and ¥5 million would pay out ¥60,000 more a year in consumption tax if the rate went up to 8 percent, which, according to Noda’s current proposal, would happen in 2014.”

4. Domestic violence complaints increase 6.9%

Complaints about domestic violence surged 6.9 percent to 33,745 last year, the most since 2003, when such data first became available, the National Police Agency said Thursday.”

Source: Japan Times

5. Japanese consumers have a high level of inquisitiveness

Japanese people are deeply interested in what is happening in their society as well as the rest of the world, an interest that has spawned a huge, vibrant market for nonfiction books on all manner of subjects — a level of inquisitiveness that is certainly not reflected in most Western bookstores.

Source: Japan Times

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