April 24, 2012

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Japanese Customer News

Tuesday 24th, April 2012

DVD : Bruce Willis

Four film favourites

1. Japan according to international comparisons has become an expensive place to do business

By international comparison, it has become costly to do business in Japan, and companies are being pushed to increasingly shift operations abroad..”
Source: Japan Times

2. To succeed in Japan with Japanese customers you must adapt

Many foreign food chain restaurants have flopped (Nathan’s, Arby’s) because they have not been able to adapt their menus to suit Japanese consumers.”

Source: Japan Today

3. Japanese retailers undertaking radiation checks on food

“ Many store chains and vegetable suppliers (in Japan) have taken to doing internal radiation checks on produce”

Source: Terries Take

4. Japanese television commercials for Daihatsu Mira E:s with Bruce Willis – Japanese audio

5. Japanese feel happiest when they are engaged in their hobbies, Americans when with spouses or friends

according to a U.S. survey on happiness, Americans feel happiest when being with their spouses or friends, and least happy when commuting. In Japan, people are most happy when they are .. engaged in their hobbies), and least happy when they have worries). Rather a different outlook.”

Source: Japan Times

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