December 17, 2012

Japanese voters share their voice, LDP set to win 320 seats for two thirds majority in lower house enough to overide the upper house

"The Liberal Democratic Party and its junior partner, New Komeito, are set to win at least 320 of the 480 seats in the lower house in Sunday's election, securing the power to pass bills voted down by the upper house." 

17th December, 2012

"the LDP was likely to win 275 to 310 seats in the 480-seat lower house, against 55 to 77 seats to DPJ. New Komeito, LDP's coalition partner, was likely to win 27 to 35 seats...that could give the conservative coalition a more than two-thirds majority in the lower house, enough to override the upper house, in which no party has overall control." 

Source: Abe set to claim victory in Japan December 17, 2012 
The Age newspaper 

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