February 11, 2013

How to communicate better with your Japanese customers?

Canon Wordtank S501E Japanese English Dictionary for self studying Japanese

  A pocket Japanese English dictionary is a very handy reference for self studying Japanese and for studying out of home. 


* Lightweight and fits easily in your hand, pocket and bag

* Allows you to study outside home 
(you don't need to carry a large paper dictionary)

* Back lit screen so its easy to read


* Does not have every word you need
* Japanese manual

Overall, consider it as a good tool for self study


Dictionaries included:

Japanese to English - Wisdom Dictionary with 88,000 entries

English to Japanese - Wisdom Dictionary with 90,000 entries


Gakken Kanji Dictionary with 6,355 characters
Super Daijirin Japanese Dictionary with 252,000 words


* Back lit for easy to see display.
* Convenient bookmark function
* Multiple dictionary search
* Wildcard entry for both '?' and '*' 

* Jump key to quickly go to or from all 4 dictionaries.
* Wild card searches
* Adjustable text size (12/16/24pt)
* Large history function and more!!
* Batteries 2 AAA batteries last 80 hours
* Dimensions: Size 76 mm x 142 mm X 16.3 mm

* Weight:  Approximately 117 g (battery included)
* Display Size 2.4" (50.8 mm x 28.2 mm)
* Letter Input Method Romaji (English) input
* Character Display Size - Japanese and English are available
   sized 12/16/24/48 dot
* Accessories - 2 AAA batteries
* Japanese manual


The Canon Wordtank S501E is a dictionary for those with Japanese experience. This is a great reference for studying out of the house. It has English menus and you have to be patient with a Japanese manual. Do your research to make sure this product is right for you.

Video: Canon Wordtank S502 Japanese Dictionary


Source:  TheWaste95

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