February 16, 2013

Japanese Customer Newsletter, February 16 2013

Japanese Customer Newsletter, February 16 2013.

#1. Health

"Chewing gum is good for the brain, a Japanese study shows…(it) boosts thinking and alertness…reaction times among chewers are up to 10 percent faster…journal Brain and Cognition"

Source: Chewers smarter, by gum
February 4th, 2013
MX Newspaper, Newspaper, page 8

#2. Economy

“ Japan is a very prosperous society. Is people are safer and enjoy great longevity than the people of most other countries. Its social infrastructure is the envy of the world and unemployment is low. The cities are efficient and clean. It has modernized while maintaining its uniqueness, with Japanese fashion, music and culture (even anime) a major soft-power force in Asia and beyond”

Source: Editorial, East Asia Form Quarterly,
July – September, 2012. Vol 4. No. 3, page 2

#3. Economy

"Employment in Japan’s once-mighty manufacturing sector has fallen below 10 million for the first time in five decades, as a new government vows to stoke the struggling economy."

Source: No. of Japan manufacturing jobs lowest in five decades
FEB. 02, 2013, Japan Today

#4 Technology

"Software developer Optim Corp., backed by companies such as NTT Group, has created a new program that allows parents to remotely control their children's smartphones."

Source: Optim to offer child monitoring app for smartphones
January 30th, 2013

#5. Technology

"What do you get if you cross emoting, goofy manga characters with free messaging and calls? Japan's only export app hit—called Line—which recently hit its 100 millionth download."

Source: The Japanese app that is storming the world
January 29th, 2013, Michael Fitzpatrickl, Fortune

#6. Food

"KFC Japan will offer a pile of ketchup rice sandwiched between two thick chicken fillets. This colossal pile of chicken and carbs goes by the name of “Kentucky Chicken Rice” (Japanese web page) and sells for 450 yen."

Source: KFC goes bunless again
By Michelle
FEB. 05, 2013
Japan Today

#7. Food

"Tokyo is without a doubt the best dining city in the world. You can eat an amazing meal at every price point if you know where to go. "

Source: Traveller
Leigh Hudson
01 FEB 2013
Jason Murphy

#8. Travel

"The NPA said that 2012 was the 12th consecutive year in which the number of traffic fatalities declined…. fewer than 4,500 people were killed on the nation’s roadways."

Source: the small print
January 30, 2013
Japanese scissors cut it in Hollywood, and other snippings
By Reg Dunlap, Metropolis Online Magazine

#9. Video

Japan Travel, Hakodate, Hokkaido


#11. Travel

Video: Sapporo Snow Festival 2013 by TV Shinjuku

"The Sapporo Snow Festival got under way on Tuesday (5th). The 64th annual festival, which will be held until Feb 11, features 216 ice and snow sculptures"

Source: Sapporo Snow Festival begins
FEB. 05, 2013
Japan Today

#12. Travel

"Japanese travellers desire to travel continue to remain strong…the weaker Japanese yen and the resurgence of inbound travel after the Tsunami, with less discounted deals for local travellers, will see this group's spending remain nearly flat at USD 4,342 this year….. Japanese subscribers prefer spending their leisure holidays in the USA."

Source: Travelzoo Asia Pacific Survey Highlights Burgeoning Regional Travel Appetite, January 29th, 2013

#13. Business

"Business is booming for British bicycle-maker Brompton…cyclists in Asia … are snapping up its nifty folding models in their droves…. Style-conscious Japan is Brompton’s biggest foreign market"

Source: Asia rides Britain's Brompton bikes to success
FEB. 04, 2013
Japan Today

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