February 23, 2013

Japanese Customer Newsletter, February 23rd 2013

Japanese Customer Newsletter, February 23rd 2013.

#1. Entertainment

"AKB48, a 90-strong pool of girls in their teens and early 20s, is a money-printing machine that makes much of the accessibility -- and the implied availability -- of its idols… Fans have frequent opportunities to meet their favourites, who are rotated in and out of the public eye, according to popularity."

Source: Japan pop idol shaves head after sex scandal
February 2, 2013
The Age Newspaper Online

#2. Economy

“ The share of non regular workers – those who have no employment guarantee and whose wages are consequently lower- increased from 16 per cent in 1985 to 34 per cent of the workforce in 2010”

Source: Fixing the labour market, By Naohiro Yashiro, East Asia Forum Quarterly, July – September, 2012. Vol 4. No. 3, page 7.

#3. Economy

"The Japanese currency plumbed a fresh 33-month low of 93.80 yen to the dollar on Wednesday morning. "(6/2/2013)

Source: Nikkei rallies after BoJ governor flags early exit
February 6, 2013
The Age Newspaper Online

#4 Technology

"Textile firm Inodore has manufactured underpants that absorb 99 per cent of unwanted smells by using ceramic particles in the material fibres. The company's range now includes socks that prevent feet from smelling and T-shirts that mask the odour of sweaty armpits"

Source: It's true !
Mx News
Thursday February 7th, 2013, page 10

#5. Survey

“Have you ever thought ‘Marriage isn’t for me’ or ‘I prefer the life of bachelorhood’?” My Navi News asked 300 of its male readers (Response) Yes: 39.7%, No: 60.3%... “Handing over all of your earnings to the household and being given ‘pocket money’ by the wife leaves me muttering ‘You’ve got to be kidding!’” (28, Medical care, welfare-service)."

Source: Increasing number of Japanese men opt for bachelorhood
By Andrew Miller
JAN. 19, 2013

#6. Transport

“Jinshin jiko” literally means “human body accident,” and is a vague phrase used to communicate that someone may have been injured or killed as a result of a traffic accident. Very often, however, it means that someone has thrown themselves in front of a train."

Source: Yamanote line accident horrifies commuters
By Philip Kendall
JAN. 25, 2013
Japan Today

#7. Finance

"According to Japan’s Tax Bureau, the average income of salaried workers in 1997 was ¥4.67 million, and in 2011 it was ¥4.09 million. In terms of total money, Japanese salaried employees earn ¥25 trillion less than they did at the peak of the bubble era."

Source: Deflation watch: Retort curry
Thursday, January 24th, 2013
A yen for living
By Philip Brasor & Masako Tsubuku
Japan Times Newspaper, Online

#8. Finance

"According to a 2012 survey of 2,000 Shinsei Bank employees, the average worker now spends 510 yen on lunch every day. That’s down from 710 yen in 2001 and 600 yen in 2007. That’s a 30% decrease in 12 years."

Source: Survey reveals 24% of workers in Japan spend Y250 on lunch
By Michelle
JAN. 26, 2013
Japan Today

#9. Food

"According to a Japanese poll in the year 2000, "the Japanese believe that their best invention of the twentieth century was instant noodles."

Source: Wikipedia , "Japan votes noodle the tops". BBC News. 2000-12-12. Retrieved 2007-04-25. BBC News

#10. TV Drama on NHK

Released: January 26 - February 9, 2013

" With the strong yen, global financial crisis and competition from developing nations, the Japanese manufacturing industry is in a precarious situation. A large electronics maker is on the brink of bankruptcy and can support itself for only 3 more months. Three men at the company, who work in sales, finance and production respectively, secretly form a reconstruction team and they work feverishly to revive the company." View this page for the trailer (Japanese)

Source: Made in Japan, Asian Wiki, 28 January 2013,

#11. Travel

"The NPA said that 2012 was the 12th consecutive year in which the number of traffic fatalities declined…. fewer than 4,500 people were killed on the nation’s roadways."

Source: the small print
January 30, 2013
Japanese scissors cut it in Hollywood, and other snippings
By Reg Dunlap, Metropolis Online Magazine

#12. Video


#14. Saying

" At times the moon appears as a crescent, yet its true shape is always round "

三日月 ほんとは まあるい

Source: Jodoshu 2012 Calendar

#15. Health

"A 114-year-old Osaka resident took the title of world’s oldest woman after the previous record-holder, a 115-year-old who lived in Kawasaki, died last month."

Source: the small print, February 6, 2013,
How to ward off colds... if you’re a chimp
By: Reg Dunlap, Feb 6, 2013, Issue: 985,

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