March 24, 2013

Japan Tobacco one of the worlds largest tobacco firms, Japanese smokers average 1800 cigarettes a year

"Japan Tobacco (JT), one of the world’s biggest tobacco firms whose international brands include Winston and Camel...JT...controls about two-thirds of the Japanese tobacco market"

Source: Sale of Japan Tobacco stake worth Y747 bil
March 12, 2013
Japan Today

"Japanese (are). .... heavy smokers, consuming an average of 1,800 cigarettes a year, compared to about 1,000 per capita in the United States"

Source: Hiroko Tabuchi (February 25, 2013). "Japan Plans to Sell $10 Billion Stake in Cigarette Firm" 
(Dealbook blog).
 The New York Times. 
Retrieved February 26, 2013.

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