March 18, 2013

Japanese Customer Newsletter March 18th, 2013

Japanese Customer Newsletter, March 18th, 2013.

#1. Saying

" Cheerful words warm up every heart "

ぬくもりのある ひと声を 

Source: Jodoshu 2012 Calendar

#2. Economy

“ Japan now boasts the world’s lowest average level of tariffs on industrial products. Yet it still maintains some of the highest agricultural tariffs in the world, and in services – particularly in financial services – regulations often pose a challenge to doing business for foreign and Japanese companies alike”

Source: Removing barriers to trade , investment and business,
By Glen. S. Fukushima, East Asia Forum Quarterly, July – September, 2012. Vol 4. No. 3, page 11

#3. Language

"a survey carried out late last year, Japan’s Shonan Beauty Clinic asked 1,400 Japanese men and women what their favourite words were."

1. ありがとう arigato - thank you (76 votes) 

2. 努力 doryoku - exertion/great effort (74 votes) 

3. 愛 ai - love (72 votes) 

4. 思いやり omoiyari - consideration (55 votes) 

5. 前向き maemuki - looking forward (33 votes) 

6. 一期一会 ichigo ichie - once in a lifetime opportunity (32 votes) 

7. 笑い・笑顔 warai/egao - laugh/smiling face (18 votes) 

8. 健康 kenko - health (16 votes) 

9. 平和 heiwa - peace (13 votes) 

10. なんとかなる nantoka ni naru - ”We’ll get by some way or other.” (12 votes)

Source: Survey reveals Japan’s 'Top 10 Words' - all remarkably positive
By Philip Kendall, FEB. 11, 2013, Japan Today

#4 Relaxation

"Visitors at the Hakone Yunessun spa resort facilities in the town of Hakone, 100 kilometres west of Tokyo, enjoy the special chocolate spas being put on in the month (of February) leading up to Valentine's Day"

Source: What in the weird
Mx Newspaper,
Monday February 11tth, 2013, page 7

#5. Food

"brand name Hanauta, or “humming”, Tokyo-based food manufacturer Toyo Suisan is bringing its brand of female-oriented noodles to the market from March 4… “a cup noodle for women that helps lift spirits” in mind, Hanauta noodle cups feature floral print designs as well as cups whose bases taper inwards making them more comfortable and hold while appearing less bulky."

Source: Girly noodles: Is Japan witnessing start of a female-oriented instant noodle revolution?
By Philip Kendall, FEB. 10, 2013, Japan Today

#6. Finance

"Tax revenue for the next fiscal year is projected to reach ¥43.1 trillion"

Source: Japan’s draft budget for 2013 totals lower-than-expected ¥92.6 trillion
Japan Times, 26/1/2013

#7 Technology

"Sony is launching its new flagship smartphone, the Xperia Z, in Japan Saturday 9th February 2013,…The much-anticipated new product represents Sony’s effort to step up its game in smartphones–an effort that could determine the whole company’s outlook."

Source: Sony’s Smartphone Gambit
By Juro Osawa, February 8, 2013, Japan Real Time

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