July 29, 2013

Ayame Gouriki is most popular model on Japanese television for the first half of 2013 with 173,000 seconds of air-time

“Talent” Ayame Goriki, 20, has dethroned Aya Ueto as the TV commercial queen for the first half of 2013.According to Video Research Co, Goriki had the most air time—her commercials were aired 10,793 times for a total exposure of 173,005 seconds. Last year’s No. 1 Ueto was second with 8,210 commercials aired for 134,790 seconds."

Source: Ayame Goriki is TV commercial queen for first half of 2013
July 29th 2013
Japan Today

A selection of TV commercials with Ayame Gouriki 
(Note commercials in Japanese)


Video: [HD] CF Mister Donut Yakido baked donuts by Ayame Gouriki
Source: TheFREAK4456·
You Tube Channel


2種 剛力彩芽 CM ヤマザキ ランチパック ♪絢香
You Tube Channel

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