July 15, 2013

Japanese Customer Newsletter July 15th 2013

Japanese Customer Newsletter, July 15th, 2013.

#1. International Trade

" the electronics companies are refocusing on other markets, with India becoming a main target. Just in the past year, Japanese consumer electronic have reduced prices by 10-20 percent to match the aggressive pricing by its Korean rivals. Sony and Panasonic are adding to their retail and distribution presence across the country, not just in the cities but even beyond them."

Source: Indian demand boosts Japanese consumer electronics market
posted on JUNE 21, 2013 by IDA TORRES, Japan Daily Press

#2. Energy

"Japan has already spent over ¥1 trillion on the Monju project, ( prototype fast-breeder nuclear reactor) hoping the facility would play a key role in the country’s spent-fuel recycling policy."

Source: Monju operator lax on inspecting 2,100 other components
June 22nd, 2013, Japan Times

#3 Summer dress rules

"Among the items that workers at the environment ministry are permitted to wear as part of the government’s Super Cool Biz campaign are “polo shirts, aloha shirts and sneakers.”

Source: the small print, June 19, 2013, Haunted politicos and other ghostly sightings, By: Reg Dunlap, Jun 19, 2013, Issue: 1004,

#4. Legal

"The Diet enacted a law Friday aimed at preventing bullying in elementary, junior high and high schools by basically compelling the institutions to report serious cases… The new law stipulates bullying that leads to serious physical and mental damage or forces victims to be absent for long periods constitutes a “serious case” that must be reported."

Source: Diet passes anti-bullying legislation, June 21st, 2013, Japan Times

#6. Medicine

"Ophthalmologists around the country have noticed a surge in eye ailments caused by cut-rate colored contact lenses."

Source: the small print, June 19, 2013, Haunted politicos and other ghostly sightings, By: Reg Dunlap, Jun 19, 2013, Issue: 1004,

#7. Marketing

"The manufacturers make the comparison even easier by printing the average amount of money you will pay in electricity for a year on the outside of a given model (refrigerator) "

Source: With refrigerators, bigger is better in more ways than you think, June 19th, 2013, By Philip Brasor & Masako Tsubuku, Yen for Living, Japan Times

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