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July 29, 2013

Japanese Customer Newsletter July 29th 2013

Japanese Customer Newsletter, July 29th 2013.

#1. Social Security

"Seventy percent of social security spending is for the elderly, including pensions, while family expenses such as support for child-rearing account for only 5 percent. Out-of-pocket medical expenses shouldered by elderly people are also relatively low."

Source: Recharging Japan / Young people unhappy with gap in social security burdens,By Kazuo Otsu, June 23rd 2013, Daily Yomiuri

#2. English

"Since English began to be introduced within the elementary school curriculum, students at even younger ages are expressing a dislike toward it. Turning English into an elementary school subject is only increasing the number of students with an aversion toward it." Kumiko Torikai, an expert in English-language education and a specially appointed professor at Rikkyo University

Source: Call for 'global human resources' throws school education into confusion, June 22, 2013, Mainichi Japan

#3 Agriculture

"aggressive agriculture" is, it's agriculture that makes money. It produces food for export and reaps profits in foreign currency. It's something of a catch phrase in the second volley of the government's economic growth strategy.

Source: Export-oriented 'aggressive agriculture' would violate Japan's deep traditions, May 27, 2013, Mainichi Japan

#4. Education

"University of Tokyo President Junichi Hamada has announced the institution will introduce a quarter system by the end of the 2015 academic year by forgoing its plans to transition to autumn enrollment for the time being…..By adopting a quarter system, the university expects more students will be encouraged to study abroad as they would have four opportunities each year to start a new term."

Source: Todai confirms it will use quarter system, June 21st 2013,
Daily Yomiuri

#6. Quote

" Japan ….a nation truly hierarchical from top to bottom"

The Chrysanthemum and the Sword - Patterns of Japanese Culture, By Ruth Benedict, 1946, NAL Penguin Inc, New York, USA, Pages: 320, page 21

#7. Work Related Issues

"Fiscal 2012 had the highest numbers of stress disorders and suicide attempts related to work, the Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry said…Men accounted for 348 of the workplace stress disorder cases, and women 127. By age group, 149 were in their 30s, 146 were in their 40s, and 103 were in their 20s. All three age groups were much higher than the previous fiscal year, but the 40s age group experienced a particularly large jump -- increasing to more than twice the previous figure..."

Source: Work-related stress disorders, attempted suicides hit record in fiscal 2012, June 22nd 2013, Mainichi Shimbun, http://mainichi.jp/english/english/newsselect/news/20130622p2a00m0na005000c.html

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