August 26, 2013

Japanese Customer Newsletter August 26th 2013

Japanese Customer Newsletter, August 26th 2013.

#1. Finance

"Japan was the only country among the 46 that make up Standard & Poor's Global Broad Market Index to post a gain in June: the 1.4 per cent rise in its equity market"

Source: Source: German Firm drops IPO plan, Financial Times, The LEX Column, The Australian Financial Review, Friday July 5th 2013, page 23

#2. Politics

"For the 23rd upper house election, (July 2st 2013) 433 people filed candidacies: 271 in constituencies and 162 in the proportional representation system. In the previous upper house election in 2010, 437 candidates ran, with 251 in constituencies and 168 in the proportional representation system."

Source: Upper house campaigning under way
Daily Yomiuri
July 5th, 2013

#3 Legal

"A newspaper poll suggests that 41 percent of Japanese people approve of making it easier for politicians to change the Constitution."

Source: The Incredible Shrinking Japan, and other sideshow acts
Jul 3, 2013, Issue: 1006, The Small Print

#4. Prices

" (According to a recent Bank of Japan survey of 4000 Japanese customers they) expect Japanese prices to rise in the next year rose to 80.2% in June from 74.2% in March while only 3.9% of those polled said prices will fall in the next year, unchanged from three months earlier. "

Source: BOJ Poll: Japan Consumer Confidence Up For 2nd Quarter in Row, Friday 5th July 2013

#6. Quote

“Do not seek to follow in the footsteps of the wise; seek what they sought.” 

Matsuo Basho


#7. Savings

"The value of the cash and investments that housewives hold without telling their husbands rose 8.2 percent from a year ago to 4.16 million yen ($41,500), a report released today by the Sompo Japan DIY Life Insurance Co. showed. The total was the highest on record in data back to 2005."

Source: Housewives’ Secret Stash at Record as Consumers Await Abenomics, By Toru Fujioka, July 5, 2013, Business Week, Bloomberg,

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