August 23, 2013

Japanese number two spenders when visiting the US for travel according to survey

"international visitor spending in the US, with northern neighbour Canada number one with $US26.1 billion, then Japan ($US16.6 billion), UK ($US13 billion), Mexico ($US10.1 billion), Brazil ($US9.3 billion), China ($US9.2 billion) and Germany ($US7 billion)."

Top ten spenders (in USD billions)

1. Canada $US26.1

2. Japan $US16.6

3. UK $US13

4. Mexico $US10.1

5. Brazil $US9.3

6. China $US9.2

7. Germany $US7 

8. Australia $US5.5

9. France $US5.3

10. India $US4.9 "

Source:  G'day big spender
May 27, 2013
Peter Mitchell
The Age newspaper

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