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November 18, 2013

Japanese Customer Newsletter November 18th 2013

Japanese Customer Newsletter, November 18th 2013.

#1. Theme Parks

“Tokyo Disney Resort's 30th anniversary celebrations….Each year, 27 million people flock to the site…Tokyo Disney Resort opened in 1983 as the first Disneyland outside the US….its newer DisneySea sister and Ikspiari shopping village, it now spans 200 hectares…..There are 79 attractions, scores of restaurants and three theme-inspired hotels.. It's popular - 90 per cent of customers are repeat business - and it's full"

Source: Tokyo takes the Mickey, By Daisy Dumas, July 21st 2013, THE AGE

#2. Economy

“Finance Minister Taro Aso said Tokyo would strive to craft a credible fiscal plan by the time of the September G20 summit. Aso also said he would go ahead next April with a planned hike in sales taxes, key to stabilising Japan’s public debt which, at over 200% of GDP, is the highest in the G20.”

Source: G20 puts growth before austerity, vows to tread carefully
July 21st 2013, Japan Today

#3 Energy

“Telecom giant SoftBank said Thursday it had set up a joint venture with U.S. firm Bloom Energy to supply green energy to businesses in Japan….Bloom’s Energy Server technology would let companies “generate their own electricity onsite, reduce their carbon and water footprint, while lowering energy costs and mitigating power outage risks””

Source: SoftBank forms green energy tie-up with U.S. firm
July 19th 2013, Japan Today

#4. Technology

“Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd….has developed a new aircraft power generator system that can cut electricity loss by 30% compared with current systems”

Source: Kawasaki Heavy Aircraft Generator 30% More Efficient
July 21st 2013, Nikkei.com

#6. Quote

“ The flash in his eyes was neither anger nor sorrow … only a cold light, a look of loathing” p21

Ryunosuke Akutagawa

Source: In a grove from Rashomon & Other Stories

#7. Music

Fuji Rock Festival is about the experience more than the itinerary, as it is impossible to see even most of the 226 bands playing across more than 12 stages.”

Source: Fuji Rock To Offer Sonic Diversity
By Liza Hearon,, July 18th 2013, Japan Real Time, WSJ

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