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November 11, 2013

Japanese Customer Newsletter November 11th 2013

Japanese Customer Newsletter, November 11th 2013.

#1. Solar Energy

The first domestic megasolar facility on water began operations ….. in Saitama Prefecture (Japan) ..The roughly 1,200kw plant was built by West Holdings Corp.. The power generation efficiency of the solar cells improves when cooled by water, resulting in roughly 10% higher output than a comparable land-based facility”

Source: Japan's 1st Water-Based Solar Farm Goes On Line
July 20th 2013, Nikkei.com

#2. Fireworks

“I like the Itabashi fireworks festival in Tokyo because it is a joint event with Toda city, across the Arakawa River in Saitama Prefecture so, on the same day, I can see both displays even if I just go outside to see one”.

Fumiko Kinoshita, Office worker, 30 (Japanese)

Source: Tokyo: Which of Japan’s many summer firework displays do you recommend? BY MARK BUCKTON, July 15th 2013, Japan Times

#3 Trains

“JR EAST.. has started installing video cameras at the front driver's compartment on Tokyo passenger rail service trains to aid accident investigation…investigations could take long to determine whether a person who jumped off from the platform accidently or deliberately. These recorders should help speed up the process…..Event recorders….are progressively being introduced on taxis and transport trucks”.

Source: JR East installs front video cameras on trains to tape accidents, July 201th 2013, Mainichi Shimbun

#4. E-Readers

“Rakuten.. slashed the price on the main model of its kobo e-book device series (July).. the latest sign of an intensifying battle against industry leader Amazon.com Inc.The kobo Touch now sells for 5,480 yen, down more than 20% from the previous 6,980 yen..decided to reduce kobo prices further in a bid to spark demand among e-book customers who are different from those using smartphones for reading.”

Source: Rakuten Again Cuts Price On E-Book Reader, July 20th 2013,Nikkei.com

#6. Quote

“ I hastily got ready to leave. As I left home, my wife found fault with my appearance” p133

Osamu Dazai

Source: Crackling Mountain & Other Stories

#7. Anime Train

“Seibu Railway Co. is running a special Ikebukuro Line train in the Tokyo metropolitan area to celebrate the … release of feature-length film “Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day.”…. A Seibu 6000-series train, which is used by characters Yukiatsu and Tsuruko to commute to school in the anime, features artwork of characters from the anime on both sides of the train’s exterior.”

Source: Special train generates buzz for release of 'Anohana' feature film, July 20th 2013, Asahi Shimbun

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