🌸Japanese Customer : Japanese Customer Newsletter December 30th 2013


December 30, 2013

Japanese Customer Newsletter December 30th 2013

Japanese Customer Newsletter, December 30th 2013.

#1. Industry

“Japan is a world leader in a number of well-known industries including: cars, motorcycles, electrical goods, computers, robots and animation”

Source: Living & Teaching English in Japan

#2. Culture

Seijin Shiki reaching twenty years of age and becoming a legal adult.”

Source: Gaman – A Japan’s Students Four Year Journey - Australia

#3 Language

How long does it take to learn Japanese?

“A non - Asian student with no Kanji background: is approximately 1400 - 2000 hours of study”

Source: N3 JLPT – Study Guide

#4. Golf Memberships

“According to the Kanto Golf Membership Trading Industry Association, the average price of a golf club membership in ….the greater metropolitan area in and around Tokyo rose from ¥5 million in 1980 to almost ¥50 million in 1990 …. dropped to ¥2.5 million in 2003. The price spiked …in 2006 at ¥5 million before plummeting to ¥1.45 in early 2012….and is now around ¥1.8 million.”

Source: Golf courses adjust to harsher economics and changing demographics, July 22nd, 2013 by Philip Brasor & Masako Tsubuku, Japan Times

#6. Quote

”It wasn’t that she avoided his gaze exactly, but that her eyes didn’t seem to stay focused on anything...As if they were disconnected from her consciousness” page 85

Ryu Murakami

Source: Piercing

#7. Travel

“Japan has something for every rider and has been described by some as “motorcycle heaven”. In Japan you can get to see glimpses of the future of bikes and ride through the futuristic city of Tokyo. You can indulge yourself by riding on long bridges, The Great Seto Bridge in Shikoku at 13.1 kilometres long or ride long road tunnels like the 11 kilometre Kanetsu tunnel south bound lane in Niigata Prefecture. Whatever type of riding you like, you are sure to find it in Japan. “

SourceMotorcycle Japan – A Rider’s Diary

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