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December 09, 2013

Japanese Customer Newsletter December 16th 2013

Japanese Customer Newsletter, December 16th 2013.

#1. Bicycles

Mamachari bicycles are the perfect bicycle for city cyclists….Japanese bicycle manufacturers are reluctant to export their bicycles overseas leaving most of the world ignorant of the benefits this style of bicycle…“In Japan a normal city bike is cheap and built like a tank.”

Source: Japanese mamachari bicycles arrive in London
By Byron Kidd, July 22nd 2013, Japan Today

Video: Japan Mamachari Bicycles on Parade, SoftyPapa, You Tube Channel

#2. Internet

“Among voters in their 30s, just over 40% accessed some information from the Internet. A ban on online campaigning for public office was lifted prior to the election ... more than 60% of voters 40 and up said online campaigning had no impact on their selection, the same answer given by 65% of all respondents. The survey covered 2,000 voters, 73% of whom actually cast ballots in the (Upper House July 2013) election.”

Source: Online Information Played Role In Decisions Of Young Voters, July 23rd 2013, Nikkei.com

#3 Farmstays

“They love being on the farm…feeding the animals…A group of 82 students aged 15 to 17 years from a high school in outer Tokyo, Japan was placed with host farm families across Victoria, (Australia)”

Source: Animal lovers give our farmers three bags full, By Rebekah Cavanagh, Herald Sun, Monday 22nd July, 2013 page 3

#4. Business

"Top 3 most expensive cities for business travel, Average spend, day, US$

1. Brisbane, Australia $547.53, 2. Tokyo, Japan $540.91,

3. Sydney, Australia $524.01, Source: CONCUR 

Source: Brisbane tops world in doing business, by Jamie Freed,
Australian Financial Review, Monday 22nd July 2013, page 9

#6. Quote

“ ..my mind is scattered and terribly distracted, forgetting all my sample routines” page 49

Yuko Taniguchi

Source: The Ocean in the Closet

#7. Trade

“Marubeni Corp… recently acquired Gavilon Holdings to supply …. North American grain to Asia and begin production of formula feed in Southeast Asia….The Japanese trading house intends to secure export facilities and vessels in the U.S. enabling it to ship grain to the Middle East and North Africa.. The two firms handle a combined 33 million tons of grain a year….Marubeni supplies about 20% of China's soybean imports.“

Source: Marubeni To Make Animal Feed In SE Asia With Gavilon Purchase, July 23rd 2013, Nikkei.com

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