January 19, 2013

Japanese Customer Newsletter, January 19th, 2013

Japanese Customer Newsletter, January 19th, 2013

*1. Technology

Video: In car television - Japan


* 2. Work

"The education ministry says the number of public-school teachers working on a temporary or part-time basis has increased from 84,000 in 2005 to 113,000 this year."

Source: The Small Print, January 9, 2013
Death by dumbbell and other weighty stories
By: Reg Dunlap, Jan 9, 2013

*3. Work

"A survey by the welfare ministry found that more than half of homeless people in Japan who are under the age of 35 had previously worked as “non-regular” employees."

Source: The Small Print, January 9, 2013
Death by dumbbell and other weighty stories
By: Reg Dunlap, Jan 9, 2013

*4. Tax rate

"Currently, the top 40 percent rate applies to those that who make more than 18 million yen in taxable income.. Japan's income- tax rate for the top earners was as high as 75 percent in the 1960's.But that was steadily reduced in the 1970's and 1980's following the trend towards lower taxes across the developed world"

Source: Japan moves to tax the rich in bid to rein in debt
Mitsuru Obe, The Wall Street Journal,
The Weekend Australian Newspaper, January 12-13, 2013, page 23

*5. Technology

"a lot of TV's unveiled at this year's show (Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas)…a screen technology known as Ultra High Definition (UHD), that offers four times the sharpness of existing high-definition TV's …The manufacturers (Sony, Panasonic and Toshiba) are hoping the UHD will breath some life into the stalling flat panel TV market"

Source: Tech giants find mojo in lost causes, By John Davidson,
The Australian Financial Review Newspaper, Friday 11th January, 2012

* 6. Yen & Stockmarket

" The Japanese yen has weakened 13.7 per cent against the US dollar in the past year. With the prospect of further falls…The Nikkei and the Topix, Japan's two major stock indexes, have already had a solid run, rising 28.1 per cent and 22.7 per cent respectively in 2012"

Source: Asia tipped to shine in year for stocks, By Tim Binsted,
The Australian Financial Review, Monday 14th, January, 2013, page 22

*7. English

"Japanese mobile carrier Softbank… is offering employees an incentive to master English—one million yen….workers who get top marks in an English-proficiency test …. known as TOEIC….A mark above 900—on a scale from 10 to 990—will make the grade, Softbank said, adding the offer applied to about 17,000 employees.Those who score 800 or higher will get 300,000 yen"

Source: Softbank offers employees Y1 mil incentive to master English, JAN. 14, 2013, Japan Today

*8. Products

"Crocs Japan has 41 outlets across the nation…Japan has 15%(of global sales)…. Navy, black and dark brown have always been best-selling colors. But Japanese people, especially children and young people, are attracted by red, pink and yellow colors"

Source: Crocs Japan, By Chris Betros
JAN. 14, 2013, Japan Today

*9. Consumer Prices

"Consumer prices excluding fresh food haven't advanced 2 percent for any year since 1997, when a national sales tax was increased"

Source: Wanted: bold BoJ governor
By Chris Cooper, Bloomberg
The Australian Financial Review,
Tuesday 15th January, 2013, page 10

*10. Wine

"Australian wine exports by country, Year to Dec 31, 2012

Country Value (AUS$000) Change %

China 241,007 19

Hong Kong 64,477 19

Japan 44,630 9

Source: Volumes up, value down as wine exporters battle dollar
By Blair Speedy
The Australian Newspaper
Tuesday January 15th, 2013, page 17

*11. Extreme Weather -

Video : Tokyo Snow Storm January 14th

Source: WestPacWx
January 14th, 2013

*12. Where do celebrity chefs eat?

- David Chang eats Sushi in Tokyo

"David Chang - Momofuku, New York, Sydney, Toronto -Since opening the Momofuku Noodle Bar in 2004, he now has five very different Manhattan outposts, plus restaurants in Sydney and Toronto…

Sushi Sawada, Tokyo, 5-9-19 Ginza Chou-ku, Tokyo, +81 335 714 711
''Sushi Sawada serves the best sushi in Tokyo. It's as old-school as it gets - there's nothing in the kitchen except charcoal and a box of rice. People argue about rice, it's serious. It's simply one of the best sushi restaurants in the world.''

Source: Where to eat like a top chef
January 15, 2013
By Joe Warwick
Good Food, The Age Newspaper

*13. Travel to Australia

"Despite the high Australian dollar, traditional source markets also improved in November - visitors from the US and Japan rose by almost 9 per cent and 10 per cent respectively.

Source: Cheap fares see foreign tourist numbers surge
January 15, 2013
Matt O'Sullivan
The Age Newspaper, Online

*14. Energy

" home’s energy needs — cooking, lighting, bathing, etc. — electricity accounts for 50 percent, kerosene 17 percent, natural gas 20 percent and LPG 10 percent of household energy consumption"

Source: Energy conservation isn’t just for summers any more
January 9th, 2013, by Philip Brasor & Masako Tsubuku
Yen for Living, Japan Times

*15. Book Review - Japanese Literature

- The Counterfeiter and Other Stories by Yasushi Inoue

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