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May 09, 2015

Japanese Customer News May 9th 2015

Japanese Customer News May 9th 2015

Japanese Customer News May 9th 2015

“Japan’s central bank is set to move its inflation forecast for the 2015 fiscal year down several tenths of a percentage point from the current 1 per cent and shave its growth forecast from the current 2.1 per cent, even as its quantitative easing program buys Y80 trillion yen worth of bonds each month”

Source: Japan set to cut inflation forecast, by Robin Harding, Financial Times, Australian Financial Review, April 28th, 2015, page 22.

“The yen which has tumbled about 28 per cent since the end of 2012, has propelled the earnings for companies from Toyota Motor to Mitsubishi Electric”

Source: BOJ refrains from added stimulus, by Toru Fujioka and Masahiro Hidaka, Bloomberg, Australian Financial Review, Friday May 1st, 2015, page 31.

“Australia’s notoriously slow and expensive internet is now hurting “all aspects of business, government and the community”

Source: Digital Innovation rate too slow, by Noel Towell, The AGE Newspaper, Monday 4th May, 2015, page 9.

“A Tokyo hotel is offering women a special room to cry in. The rooms in Mitsui Garden Yotsuhai hotel, come with a selection of tear-jerker movies and luxury tissues. A hotel spokesperson says the $100 rooms are designed so female guests can “cry heartily in comfort “ because crying helps people combat stress”. Make-up remover and steam eye masks are also provided for post-sobbing”

Source: What the ? MX Newspaper, Melbourne, Australia, Wednesday 6th May, 2015, page 3.

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