🌸Japanese Customer : How to keep up to speed with Japanese words and terms used in business?


August 15, 2015

How to keep up to speed with Japanese words and terms used in business?

Canon Wordtank S501E Japanese English Dictionary for self studying Japanese

 A pocket Japanese English dictionary is a very handy reference for self studying Japanese and for studying out of home. 


* Lightweight and fits easily in your hand, pocket and bag

* Allows you to study outside home 
(you don't need to carry a large paper dictionary)

* Back lit screen so its easy to read


* Does not have every word you need
* Japanese manual

Overall, consider it as a good tool for self study


Dictionaries included:

Japanese to English - Wisdom Dictionary with 88,000 entries

English to Japanese - Wisdom Dictionary with 90,000 entries


Gakken Kanji Dictionary with 6,355 characters
Super Daijirin Japanese Dictionary with 252,000 words


* Back lit for easy to see display.
* Convenient bookmark function
* Multiple dictionary search
* Wildcard entry for both '?' and '*' 

* Jump key to quickly go to or from all 4 dictionaries.
* Wild card searches
* Adjustable text size (12/16/24pt)
* Large history function and more!!
* Batteries 2 AAA batteries last 80 hours
* Dimensions: Size 76 mm x 142 mm X 16.3 mm

* Weight:  Approximately 117 g (battery included)
* Display Size 2.4" (50.8 mm x 28.2 mm)
* Letter Input Method Romaji (English) input
* Character Display Size - Japanese and English are available
   sized 12/16/24/48 dot
* Accessories - 2 AAA batteries
* Japanese manual


The Canon Wordtank S501E is a dictionary for those with Japanese experience. This is a great reference for studying out of the house. It has English menus and you have to be patient with a Japanese manual. Do your research to make sure this product is right for you.

Video: Canon Wordtank S502 Japanese Dictionary


Source:  TheWaste95