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August 30, 2015

Japanese Customer News August 29th 2015

Japanese Customer News August 29th 2015

“Kinokuniya, which owns 66 shops in Japan has acquired 90,000 books from the first print run of “Novelist as a Vocation”, a collection of essays…to encourage readers to buy it over the counter rather than online”

Source: Chain Buys 90 per cent of Murakami books to write off Amazon, The Times, The Australian, Friday 28th August, 2015, page 10.

“What is the correct etiquette when on an escalator?....In Tokyo, people tend to stand to the left to let others pass on the right; in Osaka they tend to stay on the right”

Source: Stand aside for Japan’s new escalator etiquette, by Adam Taylor, Washington Post, Australian Financial Review, Friday 28th August, 2015, page 29.

“(Japan represents) 6.5% of (an) Asian population of 4 billion but 14% of Asian Economy of $US35.8 trillion” Source: IBIS World

Source: We do not have the economies of scale to manufacture cars or defence equipment, by Phil Ruthven, The Australian, Monday 24th August, 2015, page 26.

“yellow fin tuna can weigh 70kg and when the finest yellow fin can command 3000 yen a kilo (AUS $32/kilo) at the Japanese fish markets, a good day can be lucrative” Pavo Walker

Source: Deep Green by Sarah Elks, Life, Weekend Australian, August 29th - 30th, 2015, page 2.

“Officials at the health Ministry say the life expectancy for Japanese girls born in 2014 was 86.83 years - a record high….It was the third consecutive year that Japanese females topped the global longevity list….The expectancy for Japanese men - 80.50 years”

Source: The Small Print, August 27th,2015, Issue 1118, by Steve Trautlein, www.metropolisjapan.com

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