September 01, 2015

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Pizza in Japan?


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Japanese customers love pizza and the love affair is growing as the choices available continues to grow. Japanese customers can buy pizza in a range of locations, style s and price points.
Pizza in Japanese is normally written in katakana,
ピッツァ and is pronounced as pittsua.

Supermarket pizza can be purchased at Ito Yokado, for example a 15cm Pizza Margherita can be purchased for 267 yen including tax that contains Hokkaido wheat and Italian mozzarella cheese.

                              Picture: Ito Yokado - Pizza Margherita for 267 yen including tax

Pizza can also be purchased from Italian restaurant's as a menu item, for example: Capricciossa  written as カプリチョーザ for example pizza on the menu start at 1380 yen through to 1780 yen plus tax but can be discounted on special days such as the 10th, 20th or 30th each month when pizza's are discounted by 20% .

Video: A square pizza from Pizza Hut, Japan

Shakeys Pizza where you can have a lunch viking (all you can eat in Japanese) for a set price, for example, as an adult for 710 yen. I remember hearing or reading that the creator of Pac Man got the idea for the character and game while dining at a Shakeys Pizza in Omotesando in Tokyo? 

Foreign franchise pizza chains in Japan include Pizza Hut, Domino's

Local franchise chains include Pizza La, Pizza Station

Italian food as a segment is growing as more types of pasta is being seen on the shelves and the market for pizza is also expanding with more types of pizza, more natural cheese types and a wider variety of ingredients.

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