August 31, 2015

What is Japanese Marketing & why is it important?

Photo: Japanese technology - Washlet toilet

What is Japanese Marketing?

Japanese Marketing can be described in three ways. Firstly, it is how Japanese companies market their products and services to Japanese in Japan, secondly , Japanese marketing can be seen as how Japanese market products and services to foreigners in Japan, thirdly, how Japanese market their products and services to to other Asian customers and finally, how Japanese convey their their ideas, products, services and culture to the world.

Why is Japanese Marketing important?

Japanese marketing is important as it involves a large area, involves millions of people, and is not documented like American Marketing.

Asia accounts for over 50% of world GDP and yet the world's knowledge of Asia is limited. Japan is one the largest economy in Asia and trades with many countries within Asia and the world.

Japanese marketing techniques are different to American marketing techniques. In fact so different that many western marketing theories just don't attract, manage or retain Asian and non Asian customers. So that in itself is a reason to learn how countries like Japan communicate with their wide array of customers.


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