September 05, 2015

Book review: Bedtime Eyes by Amy Yamada

Book Review

   Bedtime Eyes by Amy Yamada

Author:  Amy Yamada 

Translated by: Yumi Ginji and  Marc Jardine 

Publisher: St Martin Press, New York. 2006

ISBN: 978-0-312-35226-4 

Pages: 218

Lust, sweat and longing

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Fresh and powerful. A series of three short novellas that explore a Japanese woman’s view of relationships with foreigners (African – American men).

“ I had always been able to turn heads, but not like this, so whenever we went out together I felt so uncomfortable” p81

Each story shares a different relationship and different insights. Pleasure, loss, lust, sex, communication issues, power, roles, longing, the culture gap, misunderstandings, learning new things from a partner that then become part of your life (places, people, food, objects, mannerisms, sayings, music, scents, clothing, etc), and the fragileness . 

Book Review

   Bedtime Eyes by Amy Yamada

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