September 04, 2015

Japanese companies marketing in China

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Japanese companies are expanding their marketing in China as they look for more growth opportunities. Leading Japanese retailer UniQlo has a presence in China as does convenience store chain Family Mart but a wider array of businesses are looking to take their successful formulas and to gain new customers in China.

A journal article about Japanese marketing in China by S. A. Horn, titled "Product adoption and innovation diffusion: the case of Japanese marketing to China" further details this growing trend and provides a range of examples and insights.


"Along with the growing prominence of China in corporate strategy and decision-taking, Japanese firms are increasingly aligning their activities to accommodate the shift towards a customer-led market environment and the advent of a major consumer market on Japan's doorstep. This study shows how Japanese firms adjust their marketing to changes in Chinese consumption patterns and address the impact of geographical and socioeconomic variables on innovation diffusion. By taking a fresh look at the marketing challenges amidst latent consumer ethnocentrism and cosmopolitanism, this study generates fresh insights into the reconfiguration of Japanese marketing and retailing activities in this emergent market."

Source:Journal Asia Pacific Business Review,
Volume 15, Issue 3 July 2009 , pages 389 - 409
Published by Routledge


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Source: CCTV

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