September 03, 2015

Japanese Marketing - QR codes

QR codes are an important part of Japanese Marketing that allow Japanese customers to access websites quickly and directly by mobile phone. For example: when you commute by train in Japan, many advertisers on trains include QR codes on their in train ads and a commuter who is standing in the train can easily scan the code on the ad with their mobile phone and be taken directly to the advertisers website without typing in a URL.It is quick, simple and convenient.

Local community magazines in Japan which are delivered to all households in an area each month, provide a range of advertisers for local services and businesses.Each business that advertisers in the magazine which is freely distributed, has a QR code under their advertisement and it is rare not to have a QR code as competition is so fierce.

QR codes are also known as two dimensional barcodes.

Video - demonstration of how to scan and use a QR code using a mobile phone

Source: Gallerie Japan


Japanese usage of QR codes survey here

McDonalds in Japan started using QR codes on their hamburger wrappers so that customers could find out about the nutrition information of the hamburger they just bought.
See the full article here


QR codes & two dimensional bar codes

How to make your own QR code here

At the above site you just add your message in the box and click the button. If you have a website just type your full web address, for example: into the box and click. You can download the created QR code in a range of formats.

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