September 19, 2015

Review: Teaching English Japan by Julie Devine

Reviewed by Julie Devine,

Program Co-ordinator,
Japanese Language Teachers Association of Victoria.

Peter has written a guide to help anyone who is thinking about going to Japan to teach English. The practical sections are very informative and useful. He has given a very detailed description of a typical day during his time in Japan, which is very interesting”

“ (Hanami)..has some good points to make, knowing that Japanese people generally don’t tend to use sarcasm and teasing as a way of showing affection, as much as some Australians, is a useful tip. It is also good to know that there is a set hierarchy in a Japanese office and that the best way to achieve something is to follow the accepted way”

“ (Peter ) has systematically dealt with how to prepare for the trip both mentally and physically. He has listed ten skills to take to Japan which are very thought out and practical”

“The section on teaching English is also very thorough and provides a comprehensive examination of the issues involved in choosing a company and succeeding in teaching”

“He provides an excellent list of questions to ask a prospective employer. The 18 - page account of a typical day in a language school would be of great interest to those considering a similar job and the living skills section is also very comprehensive and practical. He has also provided an extensive list of resources for finding out about Japan. Perhaps his most valuable piece of advice is to give yourself time to adjust and make sure your life is balanced”

“(Hanami) has written an extremely useful and practical guide to finding work and living in Japan. The sections he bases on his personal experience are excellent”

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