🌸Japanese Customer : Japanese Customer News 5th September 2015


September 05, 2015

Japanese Customer News 5th September 2015

Japanese Customer News 5th September 2015


Japanese Customer News 5th September 2015 

“The operators of Uniqlo and 7-Eleven are considering a tie -up that would allow customers to order clothing online and pick it up at their local convenience store”

Source: The Small Print, August 27th,2015, Issue 1118, by Steve Trautlein, www.metropolisjapan.com

“More than 3 million Taiwanese visited Japan last year, more than tourists from any other nation”

Source: Japanese porn star..features on Taiwans metro swipecards, By Sudarsan Ragbavan, The Age Newspaper Online, September 2nd 2015.www.theage.com

“For the first time since 1994, more than 70% of university graduates hooked up with jobs right out of school”

Source: The Small Print, Issue 1119, by Steve Trautlein, September 3rd, 2015, www.metropolisjapan.com

“Calculations by Japan’s main business publication, The Nihon Keizai Shimbun, show the profit of Japan’s top 25 automobile and electronic groups is boosted by Y 653 Billion (AUS$7.63 billion) when the currency is trading at Y125 to the US dollar…”

Source: China’s devaluation may hurt Japan as stronger yen slashes firms profits by Karen Maley, Australian Financial Review, Friday 28th August, 2015, page 23.

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