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September 20, 2015

Japanese Customer News September 19th 2015


“Japan’s Inpex has announced a 10 per cent cost blow out to US $37 billion and a six to nine month delay at Ichthys LNG and oil project being built in Darwin”

Source: Ichthys faces delays, blowout, by Matt Chambers, The Australian, Monday September 14th, 2015, page 18.

“In terms of spending, Japan’s 247,000 troops make up the seventh-richest armed forces in the world…the Self -Defence Forces (SDF) is struggling to find the 14,000 new recruits it needs every year”

Source: Idea of war has Japan up in arms, by Richard Lloyd Parry, The Times, The Australian, Wednesday 18th September, 2015, page 14.

“As more Japanese spooked by a multi-year weakening in the yen turn to insurance denominated in dollars (US and Australian dollars)…A 10 year Australian government bond was yielding 2.74 per cent on Friday (11th September) compared with its Japanese counterpart’s 0.343 per cent”

Source: Yen dip spurs flight to insurance, by Eleanor Warnock, The Wall Street Journal, The Australian, Wednesday September 16th, 2015, page 28.

“A raft of weak data had ramped up pressure on the central bank to expand its Y80 trillion annual asset-buying scheme to stimulate the sagging economy…Inflation has remained close to zero, keeping Japan teetering on the brink of a dangerous cycle of deflation where consumers put off spending in the hope of cheaper prices, hurting businesses and sapping government coffers”

Source: BOJ holds fire but further stimulus on the agenda, AFP, The Australian, Wednesday 16th September, 2015, page 32.

“(S+P down graded) Japan’s Sovereign credit rating from AA-/A-1 to A+/A-1 from 2011-2014 S+P said average per capita income slipped to $US 36,000 (AUS$50,000) from close to $US 47,000”

Source: S+P downgrades weakening Japan, by Rowan Callick, The Australian, Firday September 18th, 2015, page 20.

“Forecast change in (coffee) cups per capita consumption 2014 - 2019

China 18%

Britain 13%

Japan 3.5%

US 0.9%

Australia -2.8%

Source: Euromonitor International”

Source: Chinese realising coffee’s their cup of tea, by Lucy Craymer, The Australian, Friday September 18th, 2015, page 25.

“Body Parts donors per million population 2012

Spain 34

Australia 10

USA 21

Japan 2

Source: International regis”

Source: Donor list offers twice -in-a-lifetime-chance, by Simon King, The Australian, Thursday September 19th, 2015, page 5.

“US Export - Import Bank Loan Activity, 2014 loan authorisations for selected countries

China US$ 402.8 Billion

Korea US$ 180 Billion

Japan US$ 69.3 Billion

Source: Export- Import Bank”

Source: Bank row forces GE jobs offshore, by Nick Tiniraas and Ted Mann, The Wall Street Journal, The Australian, Thursday September 17th, 2015, page 24.

“Consumer demand for diamonds, by region 2018

US 41%

China 19%

India 9%

Gulf 7%

Japan 4%

Source: Barclays”

Source: Tough times for the rocks market, by Helen Thomas, The Wall Street Journal, The Australian, Thursday September 2015, page 25.

“Japan Post is one of the country’s biggest employers with more than 200,000 staff in 24,000 offices and branches nationwide. It’s banking unit has about Y 178 trillion in deposits”

Source: Japan Post draws $160 billion value, by Takahiko Hyuga, Bloomberg, Australian Financial Review, Weekend Edition, 12th- 13th September, 2015, page 12.

“Mitsui Australia, Chief Executive, Yasushi Takahashi,,,said a new drone technology developed could ‘drastically improve many stages of mining operations…called “Smart Construction”. it uses a drone to measure a sites configuration in 10 to 15 minutes compared to conventional procedures that take two to three months”

Source: Mitsui sees a new drone tech as key to productivity gains, by Amanda Saunders, Australian Financial Review, Friday 18th September, 2015, page 19.

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