🌸Japanese Customer : Book Review: The Calligraphers Daughter by Eugenia Kim


October 10, 2015

Book Review: The Calligraphers Daughter by Eugenia Kim

Author: Eugenia Kim

Publisher: Henry Holt and Company,  LLC New York, USA.2009

ISBN: 978-08050-8912-7

Pages: 380

Insights to life in a Korean family 
from 1915 through to 1945

 Copyright. 2015.  All rights reserved.

The story begins with a girl who was unnamed until she was a grown up child as she recounts her life growing up with family and relatives in Korea from the period of 1915 through to 1945.

She details her life at home, going to school, living with a relative, meeting the emperor and royal family and going to work as a Korean teacher in the rural countryside.

Later she deals with an arranged marriage, living in his family’s house and caring for his elderly parents. Describes how she had to leave and invent a story of a sick parent to escape the harsh conditions she endured as a daughter in law. During this time her husband went to study in the USA.

A very interesting story that details Korean culture, lifestyle and values during the period 1915 to 1945 from a family’s perspective.